Be Extra Healthy Now
Be Extra Healthy Now

9 Butt Moves That Are Far Better Than Squats

We all want to have a nice and formed butt, but not everyone knows the best way how to acquire that. People nowadays think that squats are the best way to get their dream butt, but there’s something you should know. You’ve probably noticed that squats are awful! They ... read more

Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home

Do you have a fat accumulation in the arm area? Do you think twice before selecting a sleeveless dress for you because you have flabby arms? If yes, then I must tell that you can lose the stubborn arm fat and get those toned and sculpted arms by doing ... read more

10 Reasons Why Should You Consume Lemon Every Day?

Why should you consume lemon every day? Lemon is definitely one of the ingredients that you should start eating every day. Not only it improves the taste of a great number of dishes, but it also stimulates your whole organism. The flavonoids from the lemon have an antioxidant effect ... read more

The Strongest Drink That Burns Stomach Fat Immediately!

The well-known stubborn fat around your stomach is usually a result of the lazy bowel syndrome. These fatty deposits build up in the stomach and slow down the detoxification of your body. So, nutritionists have come up with a drink that should be a solution to this problem.   ... read more